फलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिण । को वक्ता तारत्म्यस्य तमेकम वेधसं विना ।। -> An astrologically educated person, in a way, can predict future events. Who else, besides God Himself, can predict the future exactly?



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Astrologer Pankaj is a multitalented, vibrant and optimistic individual with a dynamic personality. He was born in Dhanbad (Jharkhand). From an early age, he looked up to his father Sri. B K Shrivastava, who inspired him to delve into astrology and make it a core area. Shrivastavaji was a government contractor who used to work for CPWD. He used to help his co-workers and friends with his knowledge of astrology. He never performed astrology professionally yet earned great respect in society. As he had extended a hand of help towards many families in Dhanbad.

Education-wise, Mr Pankaj has graduated with Political Science Honours and Public Administration. Where parallelly he was preparing for government services. However, later started following a gold medalist astrologer and a mentor Dr. M N Jha who hails from Deoghar Jharkhand but eventually settled in Dhanbad. He taught Mr Pankaj astrology, as he could witness his keen interest in learning about astrology and the science behind many occult practices. At the start of the year 2014, Mr Pankaj met one more person (whose details he cannot be disclosed here, owing to the commitment given to him that his whereabouts will never be shared anywhere). Although that mentor wasn't there with Mr Pankaj for very long yet in a short trip and meeting at Dakshineshwari Kaali temple in Kolkata, everything changed. As that mentor witnessed something in Mr Pankaj, where he shared some of the most powerful spiritual practices with him. There was no looking back then, as gaining knowledge became the ultimate goal. Later, he got to meet his spiritual guru Shri K N Mishra Ji who hails from Bodh Gaya. In the year 2014 itself, he taught Mr Pankaj everything about spirituality, kundalini rahasyam, gemstones, different spiritual practices, diverse ways of worshipping shakti i.e. energy, which also included mantras, stotra, etc.

Adding another feather into his cap, he established and registered his own firm in the year 2018, where he started dealing in Gemstones. As dynamic as the name of his firm is i.e. Jupiter Treasures, provides one with all precious and semi-precious gemstones. This blessing roots back from the gemstones knowledge gained by Mr Pankaj’s guru, as he was taught with the science and working behind the gemstones. With all modesty, Mr Pankaj doesn’t quote himself to be an expert but rather mentions that he endeavours to his level best to perform horoscope reading, spiritual guidance, spiritual remedies, etc. As he believes that “Knowledge can be gained through books. However, the knowledge that is gained through Spirit and Self is a pearl of wisdom straight from God.” Mr Pankaj uses different methods of enquiry to study and understand what shifts a person’s needs to make a drastic improvement in the quality of their life. This includes reducing the effect of malefic planets, prescribing mantras according to the need of the person and imparting spiritual knowledge.

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Views on Astrology

The Gurukul system in India is age-old, it means imparting knowledge from a Guru (teacher) to a Shishya (student) while staying in the Guru’s presence. Where one needs to cut off from the distractions of the outside world. Though Jyotish outline can be copied from a good reference book/page, etc. with slight tweaking around. However, the ideal way is to follow astrology by either attaining self-knowledge or by getting in touch with someone legit in the astrology practising space.

My Inspiration/Ideal

Shri K. N. Rao Ji had been one of the greatest sources of inspiration for Mr Pankaj. Where it was proved by Shri Rao Ji that astrology is a celestial science and not pseudo-science. Due to this reason he had a strong conviction that astrology must be taught in every school and institution. While people should also possess a belief in astrology as it is celestial science which is the study of astronomy and not pseudo-science which is completely unethical. For this purpose, Shri Rao Ji fought a case (CASE NO.: Appeal (civil) 5886 of 2002) and got a judgement on (05/05/2004). This brought a wave of change, which slowly led to a transformation in the system. Banaras Hindu University, Delhi University and several other different institutions started teaching astrology subject as a part of their course. So, he was the man behind bringing a major change on the astrology front. Not just this yet he also did great work in medical astrology by extending a helping hand towards the doctors by making them learn astrology and making predictions. While also treating the patients according to astrological calculations upto some extent.

A piece of advice to the people

Don't get deceived by the deceptive astrologer’s and invest your trust only when you thoroughly know about his educational qualifications and how good he/she is with your predictions, in terms of predictions about you and your past events. That will prove his years of practice and how genuine he/she is and the kind of wisdom he/she carries.

How to treat astrology forecasts

People must follow astrology and treat it as a weather forecast. As, when you are aware of the upcoming situations/forecast viz. that it is going to rain. You can't sit back at home without doing anything (performing one’s karma) and depend solely on astrology. Instead, you must take precautions and follow remedies like wearing a raincoat or taking an umbrella while stepping out for work. Because ultimately your work (karma) is everything. Since fate will favour when there are 50% efforts, then it may make you gain 75-80% results. However, when fate doesn't favour you, you may get a 40-50% result depending on your merit. But ultimately in both situations, you have to work hard. Astrology makes you work smartly, however, there is no other way out, to skip the indispensable aspect i.e. one’s hard work or karma.

Lesson for Life

Despite all struggles, ordeals and challenges we face in life, one should get a grip of himself/herself and get up every day, while leaving all the negativity behind. And then step ahead to help people who are dealing with their set of problems, which is no less than a divine blessing from God. This means to be like a lotus which blooms from the mud but spreads its beauty all around. Though its roots are generated from the mud, if you put a drop of water on its leaves, it appears like a gem. So, exist in this world like a lotus, which doesn't get stuck to anything. And do all the work from your end but don't let it get in your head. This is the mere way to keep yourself sane.

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